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Sunflower for Science


Now available on Site licence to use throughout your school, and Online licence for use over the Internet or through your learning platform. All programmes are now available in English and Welsh.

What is Sunflower for Science?

Sunflower for Science is a suite of curriculum-focused programmes designed to help you tackle tricky topics in secondary biology, chemistry and physics.

You can buy as many programmes as you wish to suit your teaching needs and your budget.

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Who is it for?

Sunflower for Science is for all science teachers and teaching styles:

  • Teachers new to ICT will find Sunflower for Science very easy to use.
  • For enthusiasts it’s packed with features that can be used to take things further to challenge and stimulate young minds
  • You can use it to teach in different ways. It’s perfect for projectors, electronic whiteboards, networks or any other classroom scenario.
  • Because it works so beautifully online, it’s perfect for making the most of your learning platform.

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What do I get?

  • A CD-ROM with all the programmes you have bought
  • A comprehensive set of teachers notes
  • Worksheets, activities and examples
  • A full site licence so you can run your programmes on your network or any other machines in your school


  • with Sunflower Online a licence to allow use of the programmes by any of your school’s teachers and students on any computer, anywhere, through your learning platform or through our web site.

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System Specifications

PC Pentium III Processor or equivalent, 64MB RAM and Windows 98 or higher.

Apple Mac – Power Macintosh with PowerPC processor (G3 or higher), OS 9 or higher with Internet Explorer 5.1 or higher.

Linux – Sunflower for Science runs through Wine.

Note: for Sunflower Online users will need to have the Adobe Shockwave player installed, which can be downloaded for free online.

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