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Technical support

We’re here to help. Promise.

Is Shockwave working?

If you are trying to run Sunflower for Science online, click here to check if Shockwave works.

You should immediately get a blue box that says “Shockwave works”. If you’re asked to download a file, or anything else happens, Shockwave is not installed correctly. Please see more here.

Still having problems?

Phone us. It would really help if you phone from in front of your computer so we can work through the problem with you. Call us on +44 (0) 845 1300 680 (local rate in the UK) or on +44 20 8614 3660.

Or E-mail us [email protected].

To help resolve your problem we will probably need to know:

  • If it’s a CD version, which version of Sunflower for Science is it? (See the readme file in the root of the CD).
  • Which browser you are using (for instance Internet Explore, Firefox or Chrome)?
  • The text of any error messages you get
  • What steps you take to get the error?
  • The operating system of your machine
  • The name of your school

Please include the above information if you are e-mailing.