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March 2011

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  • Snippets – Free Videos to use in Lessons
  • ICT Partnership of the Year
  • March Special Offer – free training for Learning Platforms/VLEs


Today we’re starting a new series of free videos we’re calling Snippets. Snippets are moments in Sunflower for Science that explain some hard science quickly and effectively.

Don’t worry if you don’t have our products. Because the Snippet videos can be used in lessons for free.

If you do have Sunflower for Science, Snippets give you useful ideas for using Sunflower. And of course you have a lot more control over how to present the ideas to your students.

This month’s snippets are:

How do prisms split light?

The bonding in magnesium fluoride

Plant reproduction in 90 seconds

Explaining solar eclipses

What particles do during boiling and condensation

A model of an ecosystem

March 2011

ICT Partnership of the Year

Well we didn’t win. But we we’re very proud to be a finalist together with Cynnal for ICT Partnership of the Year at the BETT Awards.

Cynnal provide the LA advisory service to schools in Gwynedd and Anglesey. We’ve been working with them and their science teachers to develop courses in their VLE/Learning platform. They use Moodle. There are now over twenty courses based loosely around the programmes in Sunflower for Science. All courses and Sunflower for Science are in English and Welsh. And all courses are now being used by science teachers across Gwynedd and Anglesey.

March 2011

March Special Offer – free training for Learning Platforms/VLEs

These days we spend a lot of time helping schools get more out of their learning platforms or VLEs. We’ve gained a lot of experience the hard way. We’ve also built a lot of features into Sunflower for Science to maximise the benefits Sunflower can bring to a learning platform or VLE.

So if you’ve got a platform not getting the use it should, please get in touch and we’ll discuss how we might help. To encourage you to contact us we’re offering 15% off our learning platform versions and a free training session for orders in March.

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